the difference of like and alike. could you tell me about usage of like and alike? 'Alike' is used as an adjective: They look alike. 'Like' is used as a preposition: He's 


Definition of alike adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Though John and Andrew look exactly alike, they act quite differently. More Like This Adjectives that do not come before a nounAdjectives that do not

On the contrary, 'alike' can be preceded only by a verb. Jul 23, 2019 While it may seem like a reasonable amount of data to advertise to, the drastic differences between the two men becomes apparent when we  Nov 22, 2015 Complete the following sentences using like or alike. 1. The two girls are ——— ——— in looks but they have very different personalities. a) like Mar 1, 2017 The maxim “treat like cases alike” has been a bulwark against arbitrary rule and a core feature of almost every theory of justice since Aristotle. Jun 18, 2019 Have you ever dated or even married someone who kind of looks like you?

Alike or a like

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One that closely resembles another; a double. You are apparently not aware of the 3rd person singular inflection. Inflection means “change. When you have a regular-forming verb and you are speaking in the present tense, it goes like this: SINGULAR< PRESENT TENSE: (verb: “to look”) 1st, I look dislike (like as verb) As a verb, like means "to find (something) pleasant" or "to consider (something) enjoyable": I like you. Mary likes swimming. She goes swimming every day.

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalikea‧like1 /əˈlaɪk/ ○○○ adjective [not before noun] LIKE/SIMILARvery similar My mother and I are alike 


Alike or a like

2012-apr-25 - If we had an amazing backyard playhouse like this when we were kids, there would be no dinner time, bath time or bed time. In fact, it would 

Likt , Alike . Ledsaga , ' to Conduct , to Guide , to Lifafult , Nevertheless . Lead . Likaledes , Likewise , In like manner . ledram , Troublesome , Tiresome  The Studio Hotel is a perfect solution for anyone who want to stay longer in and the best events; it's a Stockholm hot spot loved by locals and tourists alike. Alike as an adjective means ‘ the same ’ or ‘ similar ’ As an adjective, alike is only used after a verb such as be, seem, look, but not before a noun Definition of alike (Entry 2 of 2) : exhibiting close resemblance without being identical alike in their beliefs Other Words from alike Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about alike Other Words from alike Alike is used when a high degree of similarity is being described.

Treating like cases alike promotes some other good, or averts some problem. Like is a preposition. Like means similar or nearly the same. The definition of alike is - having similarities. Nov 2, 2018 As an adjective, “alike” means “similar in appearance, nature or form.” We use it after linking verbs, such as “be,” “look” and “sound.” Let's hear  Alike definition, in the same manner or form; similarly: They treated all customers alike. alike.
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Alike or a like

Dagens look a like: Peter Hällström.

Likt , Alike . Ledsaga , ' to Conduct , to Guide , to Lifafult , Nevertheless . Lead . Likaledes , Likewise , In like manner .
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Alike or a like

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Aug 2, 2018 "The change of plans will affect her affect; she really doesn't like new experiences ." "His conduct while he conducted the orchestra was 

Antonyms for "alike": unalike.